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Utility Membership DAO token - CPRO

Self sustainable token
TOTAL SUPPLY (max supply) 100.000.000 100%  
Locked supply
STAKING rewards 20.000.000 20% linear 5200 weeks
POOLING rewards 20.000.000 20% linear 5200 weeks
LOCKING rewards 20.000.000 20% linear 5200 weeks
Locked CPRO tokens 20.000.000 20% 4 years
Special reserve 3.000.000 3% insurance only
SWAPPING rewards 5.000.000 5% distributed to family token TESLA
SHOPPING rewards 5.000.000 5% distributed to family token SHOP
16x extra intensive rewards 1.000.000 1% 4 years
Circulating supply
First exchange pool 2.000.000 2% CPRO/ETHS
Second exchange pool 1.000.000 1% CPRO/SSD
Free float 3.000.000 3% free on the market
Steady linear emission of a CPRO tokens (5200 weeks) on the supply side, with a liquid demand, makes prices go UP and holds low level downside pressure even in a Bear crypto trend.
Subscription fee from trading tools $10-$70 /month $5-$35 /month 50% split revenue
OTC swapping fee =0,1% =0,1% full revenue
ROUT swapping fee =0,2% =0,2% full revenue
RFQ swapping fee =0,3% =0,3% full revenue
SuperCoins transfer fee =0,1% =0,1% full revenue
Locking fee =0,1% =0,1% full revenue
Borow spread =2% =2% full revenue
Redeeming fee for payment =1% =0.50% 50% split revenue
Purchasing fee =3% =1.50% 50% split revenue
Affiliatel fee =5% =2.50% 50% split revenue
Full and split revenues don't go to the liquidity providers but instead they took place in CPRO exchange pools on the demand side to push price UP and make stable demand pressure even in a Bear crypto market.
Every USER must have >=1,00 CPRO token to lockup CP Processor FULL functions (or to have some equal family tokens )
Every EXCHANGE POOL must have >=20% TESLA tokens (CPRO family tokens)
Every SHOPPING POOL must have >=20% SHOP tokens (CPRO family tokens)
Family tokens

CPRO token=daddy
CPRO total supply =100.000.000

TESLA token=son;
TESLA total supply=500.000.000

SHOP token=daughter;
1 CPRO= 100 SHOP
SHOP total supply=500.000.000

Utility Membership Token

It represents user's “ticket” to the functionality and usability of CP Processor Project on the public Ethereum network.
Without this “ticket” CP Processor cannot function in full. So, every user must have exact =1,00 CPRO token to use CP Processor functions on public Ethereum network.

Limited amount of CPRO (ERC20) tokens is minted = 100.000.000 pcs. (finite supply), but potencial users are unlimited. This token does not represent stock or investment asset.
We do not guarantee for the market price and future open market trade.

Also we do not know how many token users there will be in the future. No government in the world can forbid you to take a cinema ticket so they cannot forbid you to take a CPRO token.

Frequently asked questions!

dapp users chart
token distribution charts

Fair distribution
No price, No discount

First Token distribution of = 35.000.000 pcs.
START at 2018.04.04.
END at 2018.05.14.

It is a 40 days long FAIR DISTRIBUTION for all participants.
We use Duch Auction method for transparent token distribution.
At the end of the auction ALL 35.000.000 CPRO tokens will be distributed proportionally to ALL participants with ETH deposit. SUM(ETH) = SUM(CPRO)

35% First Token distribution Q2.2018
35% Second Token distribution Q2.2019
30% Open Consortium 2018 & 2019
SUM = 100.000.000 pcs

Open Consortium
15% GOLD partnership program
10% SILVER partnership program
3% Bounties
2% Administration

“dont talk just work”

Q3.2014 - Creating the idea “Focus on payment”
Q3.2017 - Open consortium start gathering
Q4.2017 - Project development start
Q1.2018 - Public distribution of Price Indexes
Q2.2018 - Public distribution of Ethereum Stable Tokens and Supplements code
Q2.2018 - First CPRO token distribution
Q2.2018 - Web extension CP Processor V1.0
Q4.2018 - Web extension CP Processor V1.0
Q1.2019 - Public distribution of Liberty coin
Q1.2019 - Payment processing Web extension V2.0
Q1.2019 - Payment processing smartphone App V2.0
Q2.2019 - Second CPRO token distribution

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