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  • What is a Coin Payment Processor Project?
  • What is CP Processor Project’s goal?
  • How is CP Processor organized?
  • Who takes part in OPEN CONSORTIUM?
  • Who can participate in OPEN CONSORTIUM?
  • How can you participate in CP Processor Project?



  • What is cPRO?
  • Is there any goverment regulation about cPRO token?
  • Why cPRO token?
  • Why do I have to own cPRO token?
  • Can Coin Payment Processor work without cPRO token?
  • How many cPRO tokens do I have to own to be able to use Coin Payment Processor?
  • Where can I find cPRO token?
  • How can I join cPRO distribution?
  • What is the price of cPRO token?
  • What is Coin Payment Processor’s distribution address?
  • Where can I check the distribution status?
  • How many cPRO tokens are minted?
  • How is cPRO token distributed?
  • Where can I see the results of cPRO token distribution?
  • When is the second cPRO token distribution?



  • What is a price index?
  • How does CP Processor calculate the price index for popular cryptocurrencies?
  • Can I use CP Processor price index widget on my website or App?
  • For which cryptocurrencies does CP Processor calculate price indexes?
  • Will CP Processor calculate price indexes for more cryptocurrencies in the future?
  • Do I have to pay for price index widgets?



  • Do I have to go through the KYC process?
  • What is a stable token?
  • Who can use stable tokens?
  • What are the benefits of stable tokens?
  • What are stable token supplements?
  • Why should I use stable token supplements?
  • Do CP Processor’s stable tokens have limited funcionalities in any country?
  • How does CP Processor’s stable tokens protect me from cryptocurrency volatility?
  • What real world currencies does CP Processor support?



  • What is a Payment Processing?
  • What is a Coin Payment Processing?
  • How can I use CP Processor payments?
  • When will I be able to use CP Processor payments?
  • Can I make payments via my favourite social network?
  • Can I convert ETH to stable tokens on CP Processor dApp?
  • How can I retrieve my ETH from CP Processor dApp?


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