• What is cPRO?

It is a ERC20 token on Ethereum decentralized network and represents a “ticket” or “key” to all functionalities of Coin Payment Processor Project on network smart contracts.

It belongs to the UTILITY MEMBERSHIP TOKEN category and does not represent any kind of security or investment, so everyone can get it.


  • Is there any goverment regulation about cPRO token?

No government in the world can forbid you to take a “cinema ticket” or “entrance key” so they cannot forbid you to take a cPRO token. Also you can hold as many as you want “cinema tickets”, you can purchase or sale or exchange freely as many utility membership tokens as you wish.


  • Why cPRO token?

cPRO is a short name of our project : Coin payment PROcessor
Our midle name is: CP Processor.


  • Why do I have to own cPRO token?

Our smart contracts on the Ethereum network are checking user wallet address and if you do not have at least =1,00 cPRO tokens on account they forbid you to carry out transactions on the network.


  • Can Coin Payment Processor work without cPRO token?

Yes, a part of it can work because not all functions on the smart contract are checking user wallet address. The main reason for this is to be more open for first time users who did not get cPRO token yet. But to open full functionality of Stabe Token System on smart contracts users will need to have it.  


  • How many cPRO tokens do I have to own to be able to use Coin Payment Processor?

User must hold at least =1,00 cPRO token on his wallet address. If Open Consortium change this proportion in the future you will be noted.


  • Where can I find cPRO token?

You can get cPRO token in a First distribution right now. After that you will need to purchase it on the open market from other holders. It will be possible physically, men to men, or on some of crypto exchanges that support conversion of cryptocurrencies.  


  • How can I join cPRO distribution?

The First distribution is free for everyone. You do not need to join “whitelist” or special “investors group”. We do not have KYC-Knew you client or AML-Anti money laundering procedure because we do not sell commodities or securities. To participate in distribution you just need to send ETH to token distribution smart contract address and that’s it.


  • What is the price of cPRO token?

In the First distribution we use Dutch Auction method for transparent token distribution.


At the end of the first distribution  =35.000.000 cPRO tokens will be distributed proportionally to ALL participants with ETH deposit on distribution smart contract address.


  • What is Coin Payment Processor’s distribution address?

It is: 0xDe91381dEf9C16230676ca7C52E000d4Db67F8cA

You can find it on our official web site: https://www.coinpaymentprocessor.org


  • Where can I check the distribution status?

The Ethereum network is public and open, so you can see all transactions of our distribution smart contracts on Etherscan : https://etherscan.io/address/0xDe91381dEf9C16230676ca7C52E000d4Db67F8cA


  • How many cPRO tokens are minted?

Limited amount of cPRO (ERC20) tokens is minted cPRO SUM =100.000.000 pcs.

First Token distribution of =35.000.000 pcs. (STARTS on 2018.04.04. ENDS on 2018.05.14.)

Second Token distribution of =35.000.000 pcs. (will be in Q2.2019)

Open Consortium distribution of =30.000.000 pcs. (in 2018 and 2019)


  • How is cPRO token distributed?

The 70% of tokens will be distributed publicly and 30% will be a special reward for Open Consortium members in this proportions:

15% reward in cPRO tokens to GOLD partnership program (3 participants)

10% reward in cPRO tokens to SILVER partnership program (10 participants)

1% reward in cPRO tokens to BRONZE partnership program (unlimited participants)

2% Bounties (public contest will be announced)

2% Administration of consortium


  • Where can I see the results of cPRO token distribution?

You can follow us on any of social media channel to get important news about our project.

They are:







Also we recommend you to join our official newsletter subscriber list by filling out this form joining to our official newsletter list by this form :



  • When is the second cPRO token distribution?

The Second distribution will be publicly held in Q2. 2019. because our roadmap shows that our project will be completed by then, pointing to finish project in a full. Exact details will be announced by Open Consortium in the future.