• What is a Coin Payment Processor Project?

All about PAYMENTS, simply it is a project about global payments, lightspeed transactions and “world’s single coin” with Stable Tokens model.

We are talking only about payments and our “simple” formula is >>>>


Cryptocurrency as money + Open international payments + Decentralized universal currency 

= Coin Payment Processor Projec


  • What is CP Processor Project’s goal?

Our first goal is to eliminate the problem of “cryptocurrency as money” that derives from stability of cryptocurrencies. To be more precise, we want to introduce Stable Tokens in everyday use to the whole crypto community and further.

Our second goal is to resolve the problem of “decentralized universal currency” that would improve global economy and trade. To be more precise, we want to introduce the “world’s single coin” in everyday legal use all around the world.

Our third and final goal is to resolve the issue of “open international payments” that haven’t evolved enough. To be more precise, we want to introduce the “Global Open Payment Protocol” and create a new dimension of global payments.


  • How is CP Processor organized?

CP Processor has it own structure, it is an OPEN CONSORTIUM.

Open Consortium is an association of all individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal, to develop and support Coin Payment Processor Project.

Our OPEN CONSORTIUM have its body – Committee with 14 members and President. The role of committee is to make the strategy and future actions in development of this project.

Open Consortium = Society for open source software development


  • Who takes part in OPEN CONSORTIUM?

For now, we have a few companies with different skills:

Development * http://gvisp.com/  Bul.Vojvode Misica 17. Belgrade, SERBIA, EU

Finance* http://psinvest.rs/ Autoput 18, Belgrade, SERBIA, EU

Stock Trade* http://www.gcapmarkets.com/ Wall Street 30th, New York, USA

Lawyers*  http://www.jsplaw.co.rs/ Internacionalnih brigada 38, SERBIA, EU


  • Who can participate in OPEN CONSORTIUM?

You are welcome to participate if you are a company in this field of experience:

software development, blockchain tech, crypto exchange, crypto law experts, news&media.   


  • How can you participate in CP Processor Project?

All interesting companies and individuals can contact us by email


Right now there are open places for Silver and Bronze partners.