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Reinventing sales for dummies

Illustration of Alice shopping from Bob

1 ALICE does some online shopping transaction in a shopping cart with her spending digital currency from Multifuncional investment account

2 BOBs online shop is using CP Processor transfer protocol for accepting buyers transactions in Multifuncional merchant account

Illustration of Bob selling to Alice

1 ALICE goes to BOBs store and makes purchasing with her spending digital currency while her invested digital assets are making profit for her at the Multifuncional investment account

2 BOB sells goods to ALICE and gets spending digital currency in a second at his Multifuncional merchant account


Reinventing online merchants

After a 60sec. registration, start enjoying the payment method you can use in every single shopping cart, with transactions done in 1sec. anywhere in the globe 24/7 for only 1% fee.

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PayPal Checkout and Payments Standard apply fees when you sell goods or services online or in your store location - from 2.9%+fix fee, true 4.4%+fix fee till the 6.5%+fix fee. Also you must look at chargeback, refunds and eligible sales problems.
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Reinventing offline merchants

Just your mobile phone at a POS and you can start accepting fast transactions in the store, nothing else at all.

After you create an account and integrate magstripe reader customers can tap, dip, or swipe their card in person and you pay 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction.
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Reinventing in app merchants

No need for any paperwork to start accepting CP Processor transactions in your app, just a 60sec. registration.

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Apple App Store takes you 30 percent commission on in-app purchases of digital goods (sales of physical products are exempt). Subscription commission falls to 15 percent after one year.
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